CORE Leaders Author Piece on Value of Compliance Programs for Bar Association of Erie County

The Bar Association of Erie County has published a new article from Paul Moskal and Nick Mineo titled, “Compliance Programs: How to Help Clients Build an Ethical Business Culture” in their member newsletter The Bulletin.

The article highlights how compliance programs help companies educate employees and equip teams to conduct business as ethically as possibly. The full story can be read on Page 10 of The Bulletin here:

Bar Association.png

Buffalo News Shares Moskal's Thoughts on Ethical Business

The Buffalo News has published a new op/ed from Paul Moskal titled, "Businesses Need Tools to Ensure Ethical Culture."

In the piece, Moskal writes, "Businesses must create and ensure an ongoing culture that not only supports the rule of law but one that demands and makes paramount an ethical decision making process to do the right thing.... the answer calls for businesses to inculcate well-designed compliance programs into their models. This would allow them to build infrastructures that promote not only an ethical culture but one that can effectuate it by providing the realistic tools to identify and minimize risk."

The full piece can be read online.